This site is dedicated to technical information.  I will be posting different pieces designed to not just teach theory, but to also show how this knowledge can be applied via projects.  Most projects will use virtualization software (Virtual Box).  Some might require different specific hardware.  I will be listing software and hardware requirements at the beginning of each posting.  Some posts may be simple tips and tricks to teach you how to move through an OS faster.

The main aim will be to have each project be as short as possible.  The longest parts will likely be installation of an OS.  The rest will be aimed at being quick, and precise learning experiences.  If you are like me, time is essential and should not be wasted.  There may be some longer projects, but the overall goal is to keep each project as simple as possible.  There will likely be some videos for some pieces.  Sometimes you just want to see how someone else would do something in a recording.

In the end, I hope my site helps you learn something.  Whether its a basic skill which is easily forgotten or its a rarely known talent, my goal is to try and teach you something.